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In the Les Immeubles MW market, if the house is priced right, homes are selling for 95% to 97% of asking price!

Your home can be one of life’s biggest financial investments. Selling it is not a process you want to go through without a clear understanding of the current real estate proceedings, disclosures and laws. In today's market, it is highly recommended that you have full representation from an experienced and qualified agent. This is the first step in putting your house up for sale.

At the initial listing appointment, the listing agent or broker will want to inspect the house and property. After conferring with the listing broker on market conditions, comparable sales and listings in your area and available financing, you, the home seller will set the asking price of the house. Essentially, the market or the demand will determine the final sales price. You need to keep in mind that buyers will be comparison shopping. When they come to look at your home, they will be looking at all the homes in this price range. How does yours compare? When you put your house on the market, it's time to clean up, repair and toss out. You need to have your home looking as good as possible. First impressions are vital.

When an offer comes in, negotiations begin. There are so many possible details to handle: the notary, the lender, the survey, the inspections, the disclosures, the title search, the underwriter, what to consider by law as inclusions or exclusions - the list goes on and on. Missing just one of these could cause delays in closing the sale of your home.

From our experience, closing and possession are normally at the same time.

There are of course, more details than what's been covered here and it is essential to cover them all during the sale of a home. If you are uncertain about any area, we strongly recommend that you enlist the help of a professional to sell your home.

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